HighWaterLine is an international arts initiative, instigated by Eve Mosher, that brings together community members and experts from diverse disciplines to devise climate change resiliency at the local level.  We do this via workshops and public art activities that facilitate knowledge sharing amongst community members while also introducing new skills and facilitating new community collaborations.

Creative Catalysts have been working with Eve and together they helped the people of Miami to draw the line through diverse communities who will flood as the sea levels rise. Resilient Miami is now working on solutions.

Following many conversations with Heidi and Eve, Isobel Tarr began engaging communities around Bristol in December 2013, supported by the Arts Council and Invisible Dust. Bristol has the second highest tidal range in the world and is vulnerable to both tidal and fluvial flooding which have occurred in recent history. This made it a great place to draw the first UK HighWaterLine.

In September 2014 over 40 people living or working at flood risk chalked a 32 mile line from under the Clifton Suspension Bristol to Beeses Tea Gardens. Over 250 conversations with Bristolians and visitors took place from 9th-21st September and thousands of people saw the line!

Bristol HighWaterLine has grown into a city-wide collective, collaborating with researchers, authorities, communities and creatives to continue raising awareness and seeking solutions to limit the effects of flooding and it’s impact on peoples’ lives.

For more detail on our ideas see our latest news

To join the collective in Bristol contact us

If you want to chalk the HighWaterLine in your community see FAQs and get in touch!

Bristol City Council Flood Risk Strategy

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