Photo Diary of the Line

THE PORTWAY 9th September 2014

First day out, and we had beautiful weather! So great to meet people along the way and share our stories of resilience and discuss solutions-

Photos thanks to Pete Bedwell & Richard Clutterbuck


ASHTON 10th September 2014

Ancient marsh land and the home of Bristol City Football club, Ashton was chalked by people of all ages and dogs! The line partly follows a hidden waterway called Colliters Brook.

Photos thanks to Richard Clutterbuck


HOTWELLS 11th September 2014

Day 3, the chalker makes its way through Hotwells, along the chocolate path and more…

Thank you to those who captured the day – Anna Wilson and Pablo Perezzarate!


MALAGO 12th September 2014

Day 4, we sent the chalkers, Lionel and Tracy out to Spike Island, Malago and Windmill Hill.

Images courtesy of Pablo Perezzarate and Anna Wilson – Thank you!


SPIKE ISLAND 12th September 2014

Past the waterfront history of Spike Island.

Photographs thanks to Anna Wilson


BROADMEAD 14th September 2014

Day 5, continuing the weekend  traveling the busy Broadmead area on a Sunday.

Photographs thanks to Anna WilsonPete Bedwell


ST PAULS 15th September 2014

And on through St Pauls!

Photographs thanks to Pablo Perezzarate


ST WERBURGHS 16th September 2014

After a day of marking the line in St Werburghs, the community gathered for a water walk led by Harry McPhillimy which explored the neighbrohood’s past, present and future relationship to water.

After that, artists Jethro Brice and Seila Fernandez led participants through an interactive art making process in response to St Werburghs and its water relationships.

Huge thank you to Pete Bedwell for documenting the evening!


ST PHILIPS 18th September 2014

St Phillips Marsh, and not the first dog to join the line, we love when all creatures big and small join us.

Photographs thanks to Pablo Perezzarate


BRISLINGTON 20th September 2014

Down a wandering path through Brislington…

Photographs thanks to Simon Cawley



And the final day! Congrats team! What a beautiful ending…

Photographs thanks to Anna Wilson
Click on images below to access hi resolution images for download.

 For high resolution images and to download, just click on the pic!

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