What People Said

‘It felt like we had already worked together to create resilience because we had to organise ourselves to pass the marker around Bristol. We listened to the conversations that we had with each other as we chalked, so we were starting to learn from each other about our different areas and flood-risk as a whole city.’ Chalker

‘It was interesting meeting people from the other end of the river – we learned how differently the tide affects us.’ Chalker

‘The fact that it stayed so long was good – after a month lots of people had seen it and knew what it was’  Participant

‘It was great that others were there with their kids so it was cross-generational’ Participant

‘Your line is causing quite a stir’ Nicholas, Light Up Learning

‘Writing clues in chalk along the line helped people to understand what it was and talk to you’ Participant

 ‘By the final day of chalking people were coming up to us saying they knew what it was – they’d already seen it elsewhere.’ Participant

‘It felt like part of the fabric of the city rather than an arts programme. It was clear how important the community were as stakeholders – this allayed my fears and enabled the council to support and work with you’ Claire Teseadale, Arts Development Officer, Bristol City Council

‘I think what you’ve done is remarkable and I’ve no idea how you’ve done it’ – Simon Creed, Civil Protection Manager, Bristol City Council, on engaging communities with flood risk.



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