The Story Behind HighWaterLine Bristol

Where did this idea come from? And why Bristol? Eve Mosher and Heidi Quante explain why a the people of Bristol were invited to join in an idea which began ‘across the pond’…

Following the Water: Part 2: Castle Park to Eastville Park

Richard and Isobel took a trip through some of the flood zones in East Bristol to see where the HighWaterLine will go.

Castle Park to Stapleton Rd from Little Fish Films on Vimeo.

Following the Water: Part 1: Ashton & Hotwells

Anna (Hotwells) and Richard (Bedminster), who live in Bristol’s flood-risk areas, took a bike ride to show you where some of the HighWaterLine will go on 9th-11th September in Ashton & Hotwells

Following the water in Ashton & Hotwells from Little Fish Films on Vimeo.

We Live in the Line: Portrait Series

Courtesy of Pete Bedwell Photography


Our journey: Creating HighWaterLine Bristol (Spring & Summer 2014) 

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